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My Robot Nation


Kodama is putting the power of creation in your hands – literally – with MyRobotNation.com. 3D Printing is the future, and you can be part of that future now. My Robot Nation lets you easily build and customize your own absolutely unique designs online, and then materialize your creation in the real world with cutting edge, full color 3D printing. We’ve worked Kodama magic to combine our innovative HTML5 and WebGL browser technology with the highest quality 3D printing to start a creative revolution. The ability to materialize any object you want in full color, with environmentally safe, high quality materials is no longer just the realm of high end designers – MyRobotNation.com makes it fun and easy to be part of the 3D creation revolution! The revolution begins with My Robot Nation.
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What a joy and honor it is for Kodama to work with Björk and her team to bring the innovative Appsuite Biophilia to the iTunes app store. Truly this is the future of music – each song created in parallel as audio, visual, performance and interactive art, simultaneously released across mulitiple media. Kodama is so honored to collaborate with Bjork, the creative geniuses at M/M Paris narrator David Attenborough, interactive artist Scott Snibbe, and the other talented developers contributing to this experience to bring this revolutionary concept to your iPhone and iPad.


Collaboration with Björk


Kodama loves Björk. We love her creativity, her music, her style, her dedication to the environment, and her artistic spirit.
We were delighted to be asked to collaborate with Björk and her production team at One Little Indian to enable her to use her
unique, proprietary music composition tools to compose and conduct her music - straight from her iPad!
Kodama loves to empower creative genuis!


Linguistics and Gamification


Kodama is all about engagement and the power of play.
We recently took took part in the Game Changers conference in collaboration with the Foreign Service Institute and the
University of Maryland Center for Advanced Studies of Language.
We spoke about the ubiquity of play and the secrets of engagement, and how game mechanics can and are being applied to every aspect of our lives - including the acquisition of language.
Check out the videos of Mark Danks’ presentation "Gaming Everywhere" and Sarah Stocker’s presentation "Creative Engagement — How Games Turn Learning into Addiction".


Kodama has Secrets


Our core project will be a while in development, so stay tuned. We'll start talking about it when we can.
Until then... shhhhhhhhh